Our animals

At the farm holiday in Anvi you will find many animals that are waiting for cuddling.

Curious cows

Our cows are really very curious.

When they hear a voice they are not familiar with, they come closer. The jersey, the light brown cows, are more curious than the other cows. They are smaller and can sneak around everywhere. The majority of cows is made up by the black and white cows, the Friesian. They are very lively, but also very nervous, they actually understand when someone is in a bad mood. Finally, we have the Simmental. These cows are very tall and robust, but have a good heart. Ombretta, e.g. is always looking for petting.

Cuddly calves

In the stable on the left side you can find the calves, which have no more than a couple of weeks. If at some point they get bigger, they will be moved to a larger box where they will have enough space to jump and get to know the other calves. The calves in the stable are used to drinking milk from the bottle and if you give them a finger, they will suck it because they think it’s the milk bottle.

Insatiable rabbit

In the stable, you’ll see two rabbits, Joe and Jack Dalton. They really eat a lot and every time they pass by, they climb on the door of the cage and ask for a carrot or some hay. Maybe someone of you knows the cartoon character “The Daltons”. Just like the Daltons, our rabbits think about different escape plans to leave the cage too. It’s no novelty to see Joe Dalton running outdoors … the difficult thing is to catch it again.

Happy chickens

Elena loves chickens. Her favorite hen is Helik, because she manages to fly over the net and always comes to our door because she knows exactly that Elena is ready to give it corn. Helik is one of our chickens laying green eggs. Do chickens really lay green eggs? Oh yes, they do. Green eggs are low in cholesterol, making them ideal for those who follow a low-cholesterol diet.

Pampered cats

Eugenio and Kira are two cats living with us in the house. They sleep on sofas and chairs most of the day and then run all night long.

Athos and Haribo

Athos and Haribo are our horse and the newest members of our animal’s family. Both have a tender heart and a sincere eye.